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Please help on setting up a TF2 achievement server
(For TF2, all classes, as of the Scout Update)

Hi everyone, I am trying to set up an achievement server for my players, and hope you guys can give me some helps.

I went to for an achievement map.


I tried the "Achievement Scout TurboV9" since it got the most number of downloads, but I didn't like it. I am thinking about trying the "achievements_v3" since I just want something simple, while can get the job done.

Anyway, my questions are:

Any simple, yet "straight to the point" achievement map that you can recommend? (For all classes, as of the Scout Update)

It seems like other than just finding a map, I also need to do some setup, such as enable the "immortal" mode for the players.

What exactly do I need to use on an achievement server then?

Thanks for the help.
I run an IDLE map for people who are too lazy to get Milestones and just want to get weapons.
Usually, on achievement maps, you should have fast respawn and lots of ammo.
The fast respawn i forgot where to get, but i think it is a program.
My Simple-ish guide a CS:S srcds dedicated server

[Image: JazzAX1.jpg]

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