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Hello everyone.

I was just wondering how many servers this machine can host?

The connection would be 100/100

AMD Opteron 2344HE

4 GB
DDR2-667 ECC Registered

2x 250 GB
SATA II 7,200 rpm
Hardware-RAID 1

I have 5000GB Brandwidth, would that be enough?
Im planning only to host CS servers, not anything else.

Thank you
I forgot to say it was, Counter Strike Source 100tick
I think one 10slot 100tick server uses 2mb~ bandwith or so.
Then 5000GB is enough for me Smile
How many servers do you plan to run? 5000gb is a lot
I was wondering how many that could be possible to host Smile
What is plenty, I would really like to know.
If we say 16 Slot FFA 100 Tick CSS
Make that 3-4 of them?
Well, It's a server im thinking of buying Smile
I recommend taking a look at some Intel machines... Intel processors are better for SRCDS & HLDS imo.
Yea I use ntop on my box so I can get a good look at usage and such. Even at my peak hours my connection hits about 20mbits and my throughput per month isn't even much above 1500 I would not worry about your bandwidth. I would find a good machine for that connection though.
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It's not hosted at my home, it's in a professional hosting center. Where i rent they're hardware.
That's why I would like to know, how many servers i could run on this one Smile
the traffic volume wouldn't be the limitation (and btw. strongly depends on how you use the servers. 24/7 filled public servers use quite a lot, while a war server usually almost nothing).
i also would recommend intel cpus for srcds/hlds servers. but: nobody really can tell you how many servers you can run on it. it simply depends on your quality goal. for high-quality servers run only one or at the very most two servers per cpu-core. anything more will decrease quality, because the servers disturb each other too often. this does not really change if you have faster cpu-cores, so one should prefer quad-cores over dual-cores, even if each core of the dual-core is faster. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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