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Please help! srcds is loading wrong game.dll's!
Hey, I'm trying to host a dedicated server for a 3rd party MOD based on Orange Box, so I installed it last night with the HldsUpdateTool.exe and the parameters -command update -game orangebox. Once that was done, after it downloaded ~1.6GB, I slapped the custom mod folder (from SourceMods), into srcds/orangebox/. Then I ran a shortcut with the parameters -console -game <mod> -map <map>. This seemed to work but it said it loaded Game.dll from "Counterstrike", and also refused to load the map from the mod, saying it couldn't find models/props_foliage/oak_tree1.mdl (which is a CS model and is not needed or in any way relevant to the custom map or mod)
Can you provide us with a little more information in regard to this mod?
Show us everything the server showed (Screen shot or copy/past)
Tell us what mod and other info posted here:
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