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Huge Lag issues since last update...
Hi, I run the LANFusion gaming community. We have a server box in NYC which runs 6 pubs. It is a dual XEON w/ hyper threading and 2 gigs of ram. Normally, all the servers would share the processing power of the servers, however, after last nights update, the srcds processes are all trying to run on one of the processors. I set the affinity of each individual process, and that worked a little bit. But they used to just share the power.

The result of this is treamedous lag on my servers. The choke and loss are at 0, the pings are normal, however, players warp and hop around the servers like crazy. It makes the game almost unplayable. This only starts to happen when the server gets above about 26 people.

My request is, anyone else running multiple servers on a dual processor box, check your taskmanager performance tab. See if your cpu usage graphs are even or if one is running damn high w/ the rest running low.

Is anyone elses server running like this? People just warping around?
my cpu usage have 10% more since the last update and the rate is fix to 10000 .. i have test on both system linux and windows server .
dri Wrote:my cpu usage have 10% more since the last update and the rate is fix to 10000 .. i have test on both system linux and windows server .

and your servers are running ok? how big are they?
no its not good ... with the rate fixed at 10000 i can't optimise my server ... i think we will have a patch in a few day for the cpu consomation and the rate fixed ...
and the gameplay is like on a tickrate 33 or less since the patch ... ( i have a tickrate 100 )
So they locked the maxrate at 10000? that would explain why the larger servers lag... Can anyone confirm this? and how do i check what rate my server is really running at?
hmm... alll of my rates are exactly where i set them at... sooo i don't know..
juste write "rate" on your server console ,you will have your real rate .. if you write rate 45000 your rate don't change ....
ps: sorry for my english ^^
Yeah, i've been seeing lag just while playing on scrim and pub servers.
my server doesn't have pub Smile and i have the same probleme than |LF|Ladybugs and i have just 1 cs serveur on 1 server ..
Yeah, all my servers are at 10000 for rate. I thought we were dealing with sv_maxrate. Are the two the same? Did servers used to go over 10000 on rate?
same problem here ladybug. i run the [xXx] slaughterhouse series servers and we have had this problem for a while.

when i watch the taskmanager i see our server cpu bouncing all over the place.
when usage is hi we get like 15 fps .
but we are on a single p4 3 ghz 1024 ddr 10mb unmetered

any suggestions?
who is your providor lady? global crossing?hop one?
here in virginia we are with ecgnetwork who uses cogent which sucks very badly.
We have our box in a data center in NYC. We're on an unmetered 100mb connection. It's high quality bandwidth, just not sure who provides it.

I changed my maxrate down and also changed my maxupdaterate down. My 40 man had maxrate 20000 and maxupdaterate 70, and that lagged shit like crazy. I turned it down to 9000 and 13 and its running better. However, I still cant go over 28 people without warpage lag.
just wait the patch .... no other solution i think ...
Heres the answer!!

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete

One the window comes up click process's

right click the process

and set the priority to High
I have the same issue as everyone else.

I am running a XP 3000 server w/ 1GB ram, 100 MB connection on linux (yes I know this is a windows thread) with serverbeach. Bandwidth is not our issue. We have seen our CPU usage jump from 20% up as high as 75% since the patch ...... GRRRRR

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