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Source Mod adding mods to menu on/off
Hi there
I was wondering if you could answer this which i need done...
i want to get my server so that when im in my sm_admin menu to be saying:
1. Fun Commands
2. Cvar Commands
3. Voting Commands
4. Mods Commands (a new one)
in 4. i want the mods i choose such as hide n seek, fake death mod ...
i want to make it so i can turn it on and off when i want.
so when i click fakedeathmod:
it goes to on/off and it turns on and off when i click it
heres my server.cfg if you need it i run tf2 srcds
with vac secured.

so what i want is more admin menu with my mods working
i download my mods from alliedmodders and i put the smx in the right place and the sp in the right place i just want to know how to configure it i think it has something to do with admin custom

thanks LynzoiD

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I know there are SM users here, but its more proper to ask this on the sourcemod forums. All the developers are there to help. This forum is mostly for source dedicated server, you know.
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Listed in sm wiki how to do it
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