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linux vs windows for srcds
Hello, everyone I have a question specific to the l4d srcds
I have this installed on windows and constantly have ping issues with the vsmode. the 4 player campaigns seem okay and I see pings below 100. I have tweaked every configurable option in the server config up and down, used every recommended setting on the wiki. my upload is 768k. there is no problem if I run any other srcds zombie panic works hl2dm works tf2 works just l4d. so is the linux platform better at bandwidth managment with l4d or is it that i,m just gonna need to purchase more bandwidth from my isp. thanx for the heads up. oh also, which linux platform apache, puppy?
Upload speed is your problem, set your rate to 20000
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
thanks pengy I,ll check that out

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