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mem usage keeps getting higher and higher
when i start the server the mem usage in task manager is 86,000k as people play it slowly grows and never goes back down just keeps growing till server starts to lag about 160,000k
How much ram does your server have?
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It sounds like you don't have enough RAM. How many slots is your server, and to what point does it start to lag?

Note: If it is a Garry's Mod server, you may have too many props or addons on the server. If it's not, nevermind Toungue
i have 4 gb of ram and im running css gungame v5 i do have 4 or 5 addon running
im running 24 slots 100 tick ive only had about 15 people in it runs fine till mem usage gets to about 150,000 the more people that play the fast it goes up and never goes back down even if they leavecould stop at 110,000 and it will stay there even if servers has no players
Try removing GunGame and see if that works. Can you tell us about your processor?
intel R xeon 3.06 do you think it could be my addon
Try removing each of your addons one by one until it stops. I am guessing it is GunGame, which I don't know that much about.
well i just removed them one at a time restarting the server after each one once they were all gone it mite of slow down how fast the mem usage went up bot it still goes up ive tried turning off stats and log file to just dont get its killing me
set a heapsize that will limit the amt of ram it will use. not sure of a good value but it goes in your start up line
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