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MOTD help?
How come my motd isn't working? It shows up as blank...

<title>Jay's EOA Death run server | FAST DL | 66 TICK | 500 FPS</title>
<style type="text/css">
pre {
body {
overflow: scroll;
a {
text-decoration: underline;
a:link {
color: #FFFFFF;
a:visited {
color: #FFFFFF;
a:active {
color: #FFFFFF;
a:hover {
color: #330000;

text-decoration: underline;

<body scroll="yes">

You are playing Jay's EOA Death Run* Server Counter:Strike Source
Website is underconstruction @
~~__=====Server Rules=====__~~
Server Rules:
Don't stay AFK on a team for too long
Don't glitch
Bunny Hopping is allowed, unless your scripting
Don't bitch about the server, you will get hurt
Don't take an extremely long time when you are last person
Respect All
Do Not Avoid Mute
No Spaming Mic
Do Not Disrespect Members or Admins
Higher Admins have more power than normal Admins
|EOA| Tag = People in community, you can join too
Higher Admins Are Pwners. Also, NEVER MESS WITH THESE ADMINS
Owner is Jay
Do Not Ask For Admin or you will be less lightly to get it unless you donated or was told ahead of time you would get
Buying Admin is $5 and you will be able to get Basic Admin; Map Changes, Slay, Ban, All that Good Stuff. But You will not be able to get noclip or teleport unless a Higher Admin or Owner says so.
You also can get extras from donating like immunity from ping kicker, be able to use things admins use.
Send Money to Jaythorpe for Donations or for Admins. Also consult with an Higher Admin if you need to.
If You Abuse your Admin Previlages or Get Abused by an Admin tell a Higher Admin or Owner. We will Deal with it with conquestences. Do Not try to Deal with it by yourself.
If you Abuse we Will refuse to refund you. NO REFUNDS

**WARNING**If you Do not Follow these rules you will get **WARNING**
1. Slay >>> 2. Kick >>>3. Ban || ;Note : You can go straight to Ban, If a Admin decides so.

Have Fun at Our Server and Tell your Friends.

ALSO: Is there a way to add a background to it, or is that linking to a website... as in I need sourcemod web shortcut plugins for it?

ALSO: maybe a song to play when someone enters it?

Any idea? =X

*Trying to make the server fancy Smile *

P.S. Who wants to help me with source tunes directions?


USING LINUX on the server with SOURCE MOD (NO MANI) =D
If you had Mani, you could add a song when they have joined.

But I'm so sure that you can add it too in SourceMod Smile
I will have a look.
Or just use an embedded media player in the MOTD Toungue
The webshortcuts - its straight forward just get the link to the sourcetunes and just follow the examples given.

Quake Sounds - There is an option where you can add a sound to play when someone joins the server.

When i added the html directly to the motd.txt in the cstrike folder i found out it was too long and it would go blank, try hosting it on a webserver

For the background

body {
background:330000; < Change this to a different color like #FFF or url(image.jpg) ie:background: url(image.jpg);
overflow: scroll;

Here are some more colors that are in hex


How many lines do I have to cut out? I can manage that ^_^
it was trial and error for me
Instead of using the Webshortcuts plugin you could just use the radio plugin directly Toungue

SM Radio Plugin Link
TY Smile

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