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can i run 2 servers ?
want to know if i can run to server on my gateway 960 server has 1 xeon 3.06 4gb ram running on xp 20mbs up 20 down and if i cant wants the easy way to setup the next one or do i have to start all over and download it again try to copy file and change ports on it but that didnt work well ty for any help im a noob but i got one up so far
it depends how fast your computer is and if you have steam.
if you do have steam, then it will probably send you an error telling you that the game is already open.
it is probably better if you install the real verson of dedicated server and have two ports forwarded.
i have steam on the serveR BuT dont use it a srcds css gungamev5 and as far as how fast what do you mean is a xeon 3.06 processor 4gb of ram 10000 rpm hard drive 70gb hard drive
boot srcds twice / however many times you like from the cmd prompt you do not need to copy the folder contents but will need to allow extra ports
i think you can not boot one game twice if you have steam.
it will probably send you an error telling you that the game is already running.
if you want to you can get something called virtual pc
that program makes you have a computer in a computer
install steam in both of them and put different ports for each one
You can run as many servers as you want, and it doesn't matter if Steam is running. You probably use the Steam tool for SRCDS, and not the one off this website. It is highly recommended to use the one off this website, because it is a lot better. It doesn't need Steam to run at all.

Please stop telling untrue information on these forums, and please do some research before guessing.
i thought you can not
oh well
guys i need help i tried running 2 servers at once and it didnt work
it keeps on sending me an error
i have all the ports forwaded and i have added some commands in the command line that changes the port and the client port but it still doesnt work
anyone know why?

PS: i am using one comp to run both servers
you have to put
-port xxxxx
in the command line of the server otherwise the server will try to use the same port.
I did but is there any other port or thing that I need to change?
hmmmm, no. only ports you need open are 27015-27020 BOTH UDP/TCP and if you give the server a port number they should run. I ran 4 servers at once and it worked fine, all I had to do was put -port xxxxx in the startup line. Also did u forward the ports to you computer your are hosting the servers?
ya i did
here is a copy of the command line
C:\srcds1\srcds.exe -game hl2mp +maxplayers 16 -console +map gm_flatgrass -autoupdate +port 27014 -insecure
everytime i run it it sends me a popup that says "cannot connect to upd port" or something like that
no it should be
-port xxxxx , not +port
That was not the problem
it was the tv port
I got it to work fine thanks so much for your help

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