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i am running a source dedicated server on windows xp. on the internet.i have opened ports.when i am trying to connect to my server it says not please
have you open the right port ?
open udp/tcp 27015
and if you whant to cheak if you are running on the good port typ status in console and look if the server is running on port 27015 (standaard port)
if this stil dont work try to turn jour firewall off or add the ports in your firewall

gtz koek
go to to forward ports

it is a website that helps you forward ports and it tells you all the steps
Are you connecting to the right IP?
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i have opened the right ports and i connect with the right IP.BUt the problem still persists.
turn windows firewall off and try it out i think windows firewall is bocking the server
DMZ server is not enabled on your router you need to check your router settings Wink
(enable + set your dmz server address to the machines ip your running your srcds server on)
it is probably online but it is not showing in the master list
what is a DMZ server?the windows firewall is already turned off
i want help please!!
DMZ is when you open all the ports up.
it is not recomended

it is better if you try
thanks a lot isolve my problem

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