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eventscript crasht
hi all.

i have got a problem and i cant fix it.
eventscript v2.0.0.250i crasht the hole time but if i instal eventsctip 1.5 than i dont get a crasht.

my server specs are:
Processor: 2 x Intel Xeon 3,2 Ghz (2 cpu's)
Geheugen: 4096 MB pc2 ecc ram
Hardeschijf: 2x 80 GB Sata Maxtor
internet : 100mb down and up colocation

Mods: mani plugin 1.2 / eventscript 2.0 / es tool 420/ gungame5 /

but the problem is if is start the server he is gona crash and reboot direct(i cant see a error).

but i get this on every server if i instal eventscript 2.0 but what is there wrong i dont know.
i have try the server on my own pc at home but i dont get un error :/

can you tell how i can see that error,becaus i whant to make as screem shot and place it here Smile?

this is my autoexec
es_load crontab
es_load gungame

gtz koek

edit: got a pic
[Image: 2hycths.jpg]
Try disabling Eventscripts and see if it works. Maybe try a different version, or disable the plugins.
whit out eventscript workt the server great if i instal eventscript 1.5 it's work great.
but if i instal eventscript 2.0 is crash the server.
if i dont load anything it's crashing to

i must use eventscript 2.0 becaus alot of mod must have this script and if i use 1.5 alot of mods dont work Sad

thi is so weard the 1.5 version works great but the 2.0 version dont work and crash alway's if i whant to start the server
You might have to have es_tools to make that work, is that the problem? If so, download ES_Tools.
es_tool is allready in it. i have try it whit es_tool and whit out es_tool but this dont work to Sad
Try putting these 2 lines in your autoexec.cfg:
mattie_eventscripts 1
es_tools 1
it's still crashing Sad
Try remove GunGame 5. And see if it works! Smile
no dont work to :/

is there a way to use eventscript 1.5 and that i can load scripts that is made for 2.0 ?
No, unfortunately there aren't. Sad

Try remove es_tools. I think it made some of my friends servers crash. Also Eventscripts Smile
hmm that sucks Sad

koektrommel Wrote:es_tool is allready in it. i have try it whit es_tool and whit out es_tool but this dont work to Sad
i think it's not possible to fix this probleme whit eventscript becaus i have try alot of think but nothing work it's still crashing whit eventscript 2.0.
whit eventscript 1.5 it's dont crash :/ :S
It might require an Eventscript update. It will be there soonly. Smile
oke i hope thay come fast whit a update because this sucks Toungue
Just use version 1.5.

And then install GunGame 4 Smile

Here's the download page:

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