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HL2DM Server.Cfg help
Okay so I started a server. But I want it to be a cheat server. Is there anyway i can get a server.cfg file from another cheat server. Or is there a cvar generator for hl2dm?
What do you mean by a cheat config? Be sure to put -insecure in the startup line, or else people will get VAC banned for hacks Toungue
well the server.cfg from a cheat server.
What do you mean by a cheat server? Tell us what is different than a normal server.
you know like where you go on there and you can run your own scripts and no clip and
sv_cheats is set on
sv_cheats 1

To start out with Smile
no i need like a giant list of cvars almost all of them or a generator
There aren't really any "special" configs, just make sure you have VAC disabled.
I think he means he wants sv_cheats enabled
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This will print all the cvars: cvarlist log cvarlist.txt

Taken from the FAQ section.
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