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[RESOLVED] 500 fps/hz kernel?
Just wondering if it is possible to compile a 500 hz kernel to achieve 500fps at max.

Because when I use 1000hz it get's unstable when 7-10 players are on it. I'm pretty sure my hardware should handle a stable 1000fps though...
(3gb ram, Debian5, Amd 64 athlon 2,3GHz)

If I use 1000hz and set the fps_max to 500 the actual fps is about the half of 500. If I set fps_max at 1000 it's lieing mostly at 500, but every 10th second or so it shoots to 800-900 and then suddenly 100-200...

I hope this was understandable... Toungue

Edit: I think amd sucks for gameservers...
tried fps_max 600 ?

even a 300hz kernel can do 1000fps
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janne Wrote:tried fps_max 600 ?

even a 300hz kernel can do 1000fps

Yes I've tried almost everything when it comes to fps_max.
try my kernel howto (see the signature). if you really want "only" 500 fps, fps_max 600 is the only way on modern systems (you can have HZ=100 in the kernel and yet run at 1000 fps, a modern kernel does not limit the fps). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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I set +fps_max to 800 on a fedora core 9 machine stock kernel and all servers run at 500fps constant no issues.
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Ahh, ok.
This is solved by now though. I followed BehaartesEtwas' kernel HowTo. Working great.
Using sys_ticrate 566. Constantly 499/500 +- with 10 players on it.

Thanks Smile

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