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.bz2 Problem

I have been having a problem with my .bz2 maps. I have uploaded them to my http webhosting and also uploaded the original .bsp files and the .bz2 files to my gameserver. My problem is is that when i go and download a map from my server it is downloading the .bsp and not the .bz2 map. I have kept the correct file structure on my webhosting and entered the correct url in my server.cfg.

Thanks for any help.

Can we see the sv_downloadurl set up anyways, also make sure you have alowupload and allowdownload set to 1
[Image: 3386928252.png]
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

It is now saying Missing Map since i just took out // from infront of the commands Toungue

EDIT: I think my webhosting does'nt allow .bsp file types Sad Thanks for the help!
You need to edit the MIME types to allow .bz2 as an application
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]

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