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Questions on redirecting & end round sound...
Hi everybody.

I am going to switch my TF2 server to a new host. I tried to find a SourceMod plugin for redirecting players from the old IP, to the new one, but got no luck. (I used "redirect" as the keyword and got three results, but they were not for my need)

Can anyone suggest me a way to redirect players to the new IP?

Usually what do people do when moving to a different host?

What I am doing now, is to keep the old server for an extra one or two weeks, and find a way to automatically redirect the players to the new IP.

The main problem is just that I have to continue paying for the old server, which is pretty much an empty server, for that extra one or two weeks.

Is there a better way to do it? (Of course, if my players are as well a members of my group, or a visitors to my website, then it would be easy...)

I have been seeing more and more TF2 server having a feature, that a clip of end round music will be played according to the event.

To be specific, I am talking about when one team has been consecutively winning, a clip of music will be played (and of course, most servers are using "Never Gonna Give You Up...").

I asked on the forum, but didn't receive any useful reply.

Anyone have an idea on how to accomplish this? Should I modify the script of Quake Sounds plugin and add a new event? Or those servers are using Mattie Eventscripts?

Thanks for your help. Big Grin
Ummm, there is a command that has a built in redirect for hl2 games... i just dont remeber what it is off the top of my head.
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Hi pengy,

Thanks for your reply. If you happen to recall how to do it, please let me know. I really appreciate it.

I searched for a bit more, while not exactly the same as my case, but I found some recent (less than a year) discussions regarding Valve blocking server from executing client commands. Here are some of them:


I have been seeing many admin redirecting players to a new host IP, so I guess the above doesn't matter.

I will continue to look around...
Here's a handy eventscript i use on my server.
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Thank you for your reply.

There are three SourceMod plugins that do the same thing as the PopupRedirect:

Client Redirect

Advanced Client Redirect

Server Redirect

I have been using both "Advanced Client Redirect" & "Server Redirect" for promoting my servers.

Anyway, they are not what I need for this time. Toungue

Those SM plugins, as well as the PopupRedirect, are doing this:

[While player on the server] -> [Advertise other servers] -> [Player uses !servers] -> [Connect player to the selected IP]

What I need this time is:

[Player connects to the old IP] -> [Automatically redirect] -> [Player automatically being sent to the new IP]
I have kind of found a solution.

Anyone who has such need, might want to check out this thread (link).

The main problem with that method, is that it does not check whether the destination server is full or not. Of course, I can use SQL for that, but I was hoping to find some already made plug-ins...

Anyway, I am pretty happy with that method myself.
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="3; url=steam://connect/">

Content = How many seconds you want them to wait before being redirected

Put that into your motd.txt and it will redirect upon connect.
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