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I have problems in the server and it not run
Hello people!

I do all the tutorial say and when i run the server it say this:

[Image: Dibujo.bmp]

the problems are animated texture not found
cant not acces to the bot phrase database "botchatter.db

I dont think I can do, please help me.

PD: Sorry my bad english, I am spanish and i can't speak english a lot.

By people and thanks!
Occasionally there are errors, which are nothing to worry about. Look up the top: its running on de_dust and you have a fps value.

The server is ready to play on. Gaming Servers
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Thanks to answer, but when I or my friends try to enter we can't Sad

Is posibol this problem is production of ports of my router?

Thanks a lot
is very rare, when i start the server, i can enter but the other people no... i need your help please
please help me Sad

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