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32 bit or 64 bit

I have a question for the operating system. I followed your guide, and I always end up with unstable FPS when I run more than one server. I did use taskset though, which I just found out that you do not recommend.

I also run 32 bit CentOS 5, and not 64 bit and am using PAE. I have a 8core 2.0 ghz server, with 4 gb ram. This is primarily used for my community where we need several private servers, we run about six-seven hlds/srcds.

So my question is should I switch over to 64 bit, will it help stabilize, will the FPS become 999/1000? I was told by some people that on 64 bit CentOS you can only get up to 980 or something on HLDS AND SRCDS. Is this true?

Any help would be appreciated man, thanks a lot.
I assume, with "your" guide you mean my kernel howto, as this was originally a PM to me...

I am running 64 bits since a few early tests more than 2 years ago, where I observed that 64 bit seems to work better that 32 bit. Those tests were of course specific to the hardware I used (Intel Core 2 Duo on some ICH7 mobo), but as I have similar hardware now, so I never did any more testing.

I cannot guarantee you that switching to 64 bits will solve all problems. But the 64 bit kernel is somehow more advanced, as it is being used more and more commonly (also or maybe even especially among developers I guess).

If you have any chance to do so, I would also recommend a switch from CentOS to e.g. debian. I don't know if there is really a causality (or even only correlation) but many people complaining about unstable fps run CentOS... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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