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Cannot add bots to server [solved]
I am running the CS:S server on FreeBSD 7.1. Everything seems to be working fine except I don't seem to be able to add bots to the game. I see the error message: "all bot profiles at this difficulty level are in use" in the log and no bots are in the game when I enter.

Trying to rcon bot_add_t gives me the same error message.

In my config I have bots on and set to difficulty 1. Trying 0,1,2,3 doesn't change anything.

Any ideas?
His game is original?

See if the files that control the bots are perfect... The files are BotProfile.db and BotChatter.db.

After, try this command: bot_difficulty 1
OK. I figured it out.

My BotProfile.db and BotChatter.db were not being read by the server because their names were all in lower case. I noticed the warnings in the log was referencing them with with the above names - i renamed the files, restarted the server and all is well now.


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