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does pingboost work?
im adding -pingboost 3 to my server startup comand but i dont notice anything diffrent.

does it actually work on CSS linux servers?
Yes it does.
ok thnx. and is it recommended to use pingboost 3 if you got lots of hardware and bandwidth? or is there any reason i would want less then 3?
3 is the best value in my opinion, it improves ping a lot. I've also heard that it uses alot of rescources, but it really doesn't on my server.
srcds has no pingboost option!? it is only for hlds (e.g. cs 1.6). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
Haha that's true!
I'm using HLDS too, sorry my bad. Big Grin

Acutally, I've found out that -pingboost was mainly used to "get around" the 100hz fps limit on older kernels.
On my machine I have to use a -pingboost value to get above 333 FPS for some reason.
According to the Valve wiki:

-pingboost <1/2/3> - Selects between optimized HLDS network code stack. Set this on 2 usually reduces latency toward 1ms without loss of activity input packets.

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