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plizzz help me
I put a ban forever and then it is removed plizz help
Can you give some more info like what plugin your using like mani or sourcemod?
I'M BANY disappear
Is that english? Or some kind of ancient urdu language?
Do it dissappear when you restart the server?
doggy93 Wrote:Is that english? Or some kind of ancient urdu language?

While I certantly don't like to bash people, it would help it you used better grammar and spelling. Anyways as for your problem, how are you banning this person? Steamid? Name? Ip? Also if your just adding there steam id to the banned user list it won't work properly.
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1) Please CLEARLY explain your problem using English to the best of your ability.
2) Please give us all the info posted here:
[Image: srcds-read-me.jpg]
3) If you don't know English well, you are welcome to post in the area for your language.
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