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E5530 CS:S Slots?

How many slots can one of those hold at 100tick? And how well can it hold..say 4 x 54 slot 75 tick servers?

What about other games like DOD:S or TF2?

Thanks for the help!
your not getting 4 x 54 slot 75 tick servers off of that.
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35 @ 100 tic each core? maybe
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fooz Wrote:your not getting 4 x 54 slot 75 tick servers off of that.

You do realise thats a NEW Xeon Quad. That will do that fine.

It should do about 40 slots @ 100 tick per core.
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I thought it was a completely different processor. my bad.
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So it should be perfectly fine? I plan on getting a Dual Socket mobo with 2 of those. 8 Large pubs probably.
You can easily run a one 24-slot TF2 server per core. So two processors would be 8 cores. You should be able to handle 8 large servers without a problem. You might even be able to get 32-slot TF2 servers, but you would have to test that out.
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Well I am also looking at the X5550

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