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srcds dont run when install mani admin plugin

My SRCDS woke fine, but when I install Mani Admin Plugin and create VDF file, my srcds do not run more.
If I do not create VDF or delete VDF, server works normally, but mani admin plugin not working.

What is problem?

I use CSS_FULL_Update_Patch_(18.5_FINAL) for create server for my laptop.

Mani admin plugin I have already in this manner, but that Mani admin program I does not find any more..

sorry for my english, and please help me !!

Thanks and have a nice day
I guess it's Counter-Strike: Source as your game?

Do you use the newest version of Mani Admin Plugin?
install a previous version of mani.

check if it works then. - game forum.
basdej Wrote:install a previous version of mani.

check if it works then.

and where I find previous version?

But use SourceMod instead:
realchamp Wrote:

But use SourceMod instead:

Thanks very much
or switch to source mod ;0)
OrganDonor Wrote:or switch to source mod ;0)

How to set: rank, radio and more plugin in sourcemod
.cfg files in the addons/sourcemod folder. (I think)

If not, search for plug-ins at
if your using Windows and using Mani_admin_plugin beta S, then it will probally won't work. Beta 1.2s doesn't work for most windows Big Grin. SourceMod + mani-mod = same

so go with SM or Mani.
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once you guys told me about source i switched and havnt had 1 problem with it yet

+ the config is easier than mani

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