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Actual hardware requirements for srcds?
Me and my clan were getting a little more serious about this srcds server-thingy.

Therefore we now got ourselves a Sun Fire 20z (Dual Opteron, 2 gigs of RAM, mirrored SCSI-drives) where I am going to install a minimal Fedora Core 4 on. It's connected thru a 100Mbit line to the internet.

But nevertheless: What are the actual hardware requirements?

We were thinking of running three instances of srcds on it.

- One private (password-only) with 22 players max
- Two public with 32 players each (one with custom maps and one with the default maps).

Also we were thinking about running an ftpd on it so custom maps can be downloaded faster.

that should be fine.. i don't think there are "requirements" really.. cuz its all in how you want the gameplay to be.. like with all of them.. even the map changed on all servers at the same time on the comp.. there would probly be a problem.. but other then that.. it hink it would prolly be find... a lil more memory wouldn't hurt... cuz thats running 86 players... soo yea.. i guess its just a test and see... you might wanna cut back on the players a lil..
The amount of ram you have is fine. My current server is a dual opteron 250, 2gb ram, and dual raptors in raid 1, and the ram doesn't come close to being used up.

If you run a lot of bots and tickrate 100, your cpu usage will run pretty high.

oh one more thing, I'm pretty sure the minimal install for fc does not include ncompress, so make sure you install that as well.

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this might make you laugh, but im serious with this:

i have a 233mhz with about 160mb of ram
talking about maybe 8 players and no bots, what are my chances running a source dedicated server for css?

and this would be running linux
I've seen a cs 1.3 server run on specs like that before. idk how it would work for source though
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well, lets give it a shot Smile

my first problem:
it wont uncompress hldsupdatetool.bin

after i type yes (to the agreement) i get the following prompt:

sh: uncompress: command not found

i might try a different linux
never mind, i got lucky:

i had a cs1.6 server previously installed.
i looked in my old files and found a steam.tar.gz
after i extracted that, i got the steam executable


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