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VAC turned off??
Hi folks. Just rebooted our HL2MP standalone server and noticed
that VAC is not being activated on connect.

Used to see: Connection to Steam servers successful.
VAC secure mode is activated.

Now we see: Connection to Steam servers successful. (SU)

We have changed nothing for weeks.
A) How do we turn it on?
B) Could this be some kind of hack?

We run the latest MM:Source, Mani-admin & event scripts.

Many thanks in advance.
Wait untill tomorrow.

Steam is currently(or totally) down. That might effect it!
Thanks Realchamp. Will do.
Best regards

Checked at Valve and they do have some server problems today.

Opps -- Just fired up the server and I now have VAC turned on.
Looks like they got it fixed.

Thanks again folks.

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