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My old computer.
Yeah, hi (I don't know if this is the right section to post this). I recently got a new computer and have really no use for my old one now... So I thought that I might setup a L4D server on it but don't quite know if it can handle it.

It have the following specs:
OS: Windows XP Home edition (going to switch to Ubuntu server edition though)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz
Memory: 2GB DDR2 RAM (around 500MHz)
HDD: 149GB (Don't know if it's SATA.)

My connection speed is currently a T3 line on 2Mb/s up and down, I have thought about upgrading it to ten.

The computer is quite old as you might see, it's an old Dell Dimesion 8400.
I have purchase some new RAM for it to be able to handle things temporarly.

So yeah... Will it be able to handle to host at least a 4 slots server?

Also I do have search but I can't seem to find any usable information.
I've heard Pentium 4 CPUs to hold L4D versus servers fine and seeing as its a 3Ghz one you should be fine.
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Ah, how would the connection work out then?
Zaian Wrote:Ah, how would the connection work out then?

It's going to be a problem Wink

You should could hold it at neutral specifications.
and you'll need more than 2mb bandwidth even 8mb struggles for 12 ppl on tf2
Depends if its mega bytes per second (mb/s) or mega bits per second (mbps)
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you wouldnt exactly have t1 @ home lol i wish Smile
Verizon buissness offers up to 50mbps up and down, or you can get multiple 20/20 lines
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hell u don't even need verizon bus.

FiOS home should be fine (and cheeper)
Veloci Servers
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This machine is totally fine Big Grin

P4 ftw

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