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Couldn't allocate any ip port
On my old pc, i created servers using HLDSupdatetool normally, with source mod plugins and etc. Now i'm on a new pc, them i downloaded hlds again with the tf2 content (i create tf2 servers)

but when i will join the server, i get

"Couldn't allocate any ip port"

i'm using 27015, when i change to 27016, i get

"Couldn't allocate any hltv port"

then i used the tv_port thing, but didn't fixed the problem...

the ports are forwarded... i don't know what to do...
What's your start up command?
realchamp Wrote:What's your start up command?

i use the steam gui version
Can you post a screenshot of your GUI (first menu) ?
This is the wrong forum.

Make sure you're not starting HLTV in any way. Also make sure your firewall allows your server through.

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