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Check if Online?

I wonder if there's any way you can check if your server is online so others can join it.

I also wonder which I should use,'s free DNS service for those with static IP adresses, or for those with dynamic IP adresses.
I also think that my server isn't online, but I want to check that. Could anyone also give me some help on making my server playable online? On my router you can't specify TCP or UPD ports, you can only fill in start port and end port.
If you have an ip that doesnt change then you wont need DynaDNS, but if your ip changes every so often it will probably be a good idea to use them. Gaming Servers
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I still don't know wether my server is online or not...
post your ip on here.. and ill be glad to see if i can connect to it... thats abot the only way i know to check and see if others can connect...
Ok, But sometimes the server's not on, so we'll probably have to chat with eachother so you can join when the server is on. My MSN is
ook.. well i checkd it at 1:51 a.m. central and it was offline.. don't have msn.. soo yea.. uhh.. ill check it sometime tomorrow.. its in my favorites... maybe post a time when it will be up??
Ok, it's online now and for maybe 10 hours strait. Try first and if that doesn't work try
alright.yea it works... really jumpy though.. when i first connected ping was like a steady 200.. and then it went down to like 100 which isn't too bad.. but it was really glitchy.. what kinda comp you got this runnin on?

try has some great computer tweaking tips.. they really help..
The server's running on 2.0 GhZ Celeron, 256 MB RAM. Btw, I also feel it's bouncy/bumpy. Anyone know why it's bumpy?
it needs more mem.. would be my first guess... i have always heard 512 atleast... its like that cuz the server computer is having to strain kinda to run the server.. so its not going smoothly. try maybe gettin another 256 chip.. you can get one for like 20 bucks.. at or you could try just doin the thing.. and thet may make it good enough.. thats about the only thing i can think of.. unless somonee else on here knows something...
If you set up a web-server (like apache or abyss) and install PHP on it, you could try to install phpUA from
You then add your server to the list (multi serve support! hldm srcds hl++++) and when you want to check, just open your ext.ip. in your favourite web-browser ( and it will give you all sorts of info about your server (if its online that is)....

or you could just go to and get one of there server monitors.. paste it into notepage and save it as server.htm and just open that to see if the server is runnin... a lot easier then setting up apache.. and it would be kinda pointless to set all of that up just to see if ur server was online.. or not.
thanks alot Smile

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