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1000fps for tf2 box?
Hello mates,

After kompiling around 100 differnt Kernels for an C2D e6300, 2gb ram (1,8ghz) to use whit a single tf2 server in the last weeks whit the following Tutorials and some other options, I think all the kernel tutorials are more read tea leaves then real improvement.

I try every kernel from 2.6.22 to 2.6.29, whit and whitout rt patch and at the end all performe at the same variable range(some more some less). tf2 console stats give me 480-720Fps. Most impact are noticeable by renice and chrt that gives a extra boost of 50-100fps but the realy best (fake?) improvement was seen by changing clocksource from tsc or hpet to jiffies that shows out of the box rockstable 750FPS on every kernel setup.

So if anybody had a .config that gives a real performance boost to 1000fps on a tf2 srcds whitout bad changes to ingame feeling (world freezes, lags or messed up hitdetection) i will try it.

Excuse my bad english
if you change the clock source to jiffies, the stability will be fake, yes :-)

have you tried everything in the trouble shooting section of my (the howto? (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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yes tried everything

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