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Enough power ?
Hi all
Just wanna know if these config will be ok for running three 14 slots at tickrate 33 : ( i mean 3 full 14 slots )

Sempron 2600+ / 512DDR / 10 or 20Mbp/s

I heard that srcds will consumme something like 70MB memory, and i project to restart all servers one time per day.
Nothing else will run on this dedicated (Debian testing) maybe one teamspeak, but nothing else. No mail server, no web server, ...

Thanks a lot for your replies

It never hurts to test. My server is alot lower, and starts to lag with seven players because of CPU. I'm running it on a 2mbit DSL connection, and can easily handle 10 players on my Windows DS, but with Linux which has very low system specs starts to lag when the seventh player joins, but six players are not a problem.
It seems like a good server and should probably be able to run a 14 slots server without any lag (except maybe a little in inferno).
Hmmm i asked to run 3x14 slots on the same machine !
Ok for yours on windows, but as you said, linux doesn't need the same ressources than windows. Thanks for reply Wink
Another comment ?
I replied to this once but it never went through i guess.

anyways, I don't know how fast the 2600 is as compared to a 3ghz p4, but I've had a similar setup, 3 servers, 2 @ 10 player scrim and 1 @ 24 players. cpu usage didnt go as high as around 40% with bots.
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Ok i've just rent the sempron 2600 / 512MB
I'll give you feedback if it does or not work.

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