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960-970 FPS but why?

i got with 2 system 960-970 FPS (I7 Intel and AMD Opteron Shangai) both cpus are very new. With older systems like intel Xeon 3360 or 5420 i dont have this problem (i got there very stable 993). I tried lots of kernels with lots of different patches. all servers have the same os > debian/etch and the config compiled. some any ideas what do i wrong?

best reguards...
nothing. 960 and 993 is the same for the gameplay. the difference is 30 microseconds. important is only the stability (you can measure it with the fps-meter, see my signature). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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i know > there is no difference, but why is it?
Try to set fps_max to 1500-2000
nothing happend...

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