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create a bind page like MOTD
I have been to servers that have tons of binds and when you type binds in the chat, you will open up a page, like MOTD and it shows all of the avaiable binds there are to offer. How can I do this on my server? I have sourcemod and beetlesmod
Web shortcut addon somewhars, I don't remeber, i know i posted it somewhere in the forums.
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
Like what had you to type?
realchamp Wrote:Like what had you to type?

what do you mean???
I want for people to type "binds" and get directed to a page where it shows all of the binds and what they do. I don't know If I can do this, or its really easy or what. But Im wondering could it be a plugin?
It's a plugin. Is used for RPG. (CSS)

I can search abit for it. (the code)
Maybe this SourceMod plugin is something you're looking for:
What you can do is use a free web host and host your motd remotely. So if it is as, in your motd.txt, just put the URL, and then make a web shortcut to that remote url.

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