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Server can't be joined over internet [Resolved]
(It looks like you get a few of these threads, though I can't seem to find a solution to it...)

Ugh... Been trying for the past few days, and cannot seem to get people to join over the internet.

Ports are forwarded:
[Image: portsforwarded1.jpg]

Although only ports 27040-27049 would be approved by PFPortChecker and port checking sites, tried putting server in DMZ, correct IP and port is listed in server.cfg, server.cfg is executing.

And yet people can't join my server. I have no problem joining over LAN from a different computer, but I can't get friends to join in, either by using the Friends window (which I assumed wouldn't work because I'm connecting to a different IP), or by typing "connect What's my ip address, create your own visitors IP image:[port]", where What's my ip address, create your own visitors IP image is obtained from or similar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance for reading to this point.

EDIT: Also, no software firewalls.
if you forwarded ports and still no one can't connect, then you need to call your ISP about it. Im was havind this problem too, then i call my ISP about it and they say ok. 2 day later i have my server online in inet
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Oh. Wow. So, so stupid.

I was forwarding ports for the local IPs of both machines at the same time from when I used to host listen servers from my first one. Feel free to delete this, it really isn't an issue if you have common sense. ^^;
As I've said, you can only forward ports to one computer at a time Wink
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fqdn Wrote:if you've seen the any of the matrix movies, a game server is not all that different. it runs a version of the game that handles the entire world for each client connected. that's the 2 sentence explanation.
While I'm here and filling the forum with useless threads, what kind of hardware is typically used for dedicated servers?
Is there any sort of graph that has recommended hardware vs players? Because I'm really only looking to make a small scratch server for my clan, with probably only 8 or 10 max players.
im running 10 servers on a pentium 3 1.3ghz x2, and only a gig of olddddd ram

Works fine Smile
Heh, I was running it on my Pentium Dual Core laptop with 2GB RAM and a friend of mine complained so I wasn't sure. So it pretty much comes down to connection speed then. This is where Australia fails. -_-;;
i agree im hosting all that on dsl 2+ Toungue

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