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L4D return to the matchmaking(lobby) at the end of a versus campaign
Sv_search_key is working great for me, I can join my dedicaded server when I launch a Versus campaign from the matchmaking.
My problem is at the end of the campaign , server start immediately the second campaign...
Is there a way to return automatically to the lobby (matchmaking) when the current VS campaign is finished (by server.cfg or sourcemod ) and if it possible to keep current users ?

As far as I know, after any campaign (versus or not) is finished, you're suppose to be automatically kicked back to the main menu by default (e.g. after the ending credits). As for kicking players back to the same (or different) lobby after finishing a campaign, Valve hasn't implemented such a feature like this yet. Lobbies are hosted on Valve's servers, and are not necessarily hosted on the dedicated server itself - hence, why it searches for dedicated servers to join, and also most likely why it doesn't save the users in the previously created lobby, or the players that played/were playing in/on a separate - dedicated - server. If a feature was ever coded in L4D to do this, the dedicated server (not Valve's servers) would most likely have to save which users were playing in the game, and/or remember from which lobby they connected from, and kick them back to a (same or different) lobby (whichever the case may be). The only way that I've heard of to accomplish "keeping the current users" in the current game (up to this point in time) is to let the next campaign load by using a sourcemod plugin with the name of Force Mission Changer: Note: I've never tested this plugin before, but I've read the descriptions of what it does - basically it changes to the desired map/mission after the campaign (or versus match) is completed. It's the only plugin (or possibility) that I've seen that tries to process the task of what I think you're trying to accomplish.

If anything, we'll see what happens when Valve releases their big update for L4D on April 21st. Wink
My problem is not to keep the players and change the campaign...

Actually :
- When I launch a matchmaking/lobby the matchmaking always join my server (debian externally hosted), I use Sv_search_key, It's working, it's perfect. Thats what I want.

- When I finished campaign on my dedicaced server the server goes directly to the neXt campaign and keep players

So, what's my problem :
I want to go to the matchmaking (lobby) at the end of each campaign to chat, change parameters, invite other players if someone quit etc...

That's all,
sorry for my bad english?
I think I understand what you're trying to accomplish now. I'm surprised though that it continues to let players keep on playing in your dedicated server. Like I said in my previous post, whenever a campaign (versus or not) ends, it's suppose to automatically kick the players back either to the main menu or into a lobby (e.g. after the ending credits) - at least, that's what I've experienced when using my dedicated server or another dedicated server. Unless there's a command that isn't kicking players like it's suppose to from your dedicated server at the end of each campaign, it should be doing what you want it to do.

EDIT: I forgot to add, if it ever does kick the players from your server at the end of a campaign, even if you do change some different parameters inside the lobby, your dedicated server will have to be loaded and running on the map of your choice when you go to start the game again - then again, I'm uncertain if it automatically changes the map and variables to the ones desired in the lobby if you specify the sv_search_key for your dedicated server.
I'm stupid, i have installed SM plugin "Force Mission Changer" and forgot it !
I think this behavior happens with this plugin.

No problem. I'm glad you figured out what the problem was. Cool

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