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Need help installing an fps booster
Okay need help guys im so lost and i want to know the best fps booster for windows and how do i actually install it properly.
as of rigth now im getting on the server 250 fps
you have one installed right? all you need to do is just change the fps_max command to 0 and you'll get the max fps your os can handle personally i use srcdsfpsbooster it can be found some where on the forums.
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yes but how do i install an fps booster what are the steps to install an fps booster of some sort?
1) download
2) run
3)do not turn it off
4) set fps max to zero in server.cfg
5) your done
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so all i do is run it and put 0 in config
and just log off remote desktop and it will run in the back ground?
and if i have serveral servers on teh box all i have to do is just set 0 in the server cfg of each server and it will get the fps boost?
Also which one is the best fps booster that can get me the highest boost with no problems.
CPU In Out Uptime Users FPS Players
14.51 34765.26 100582.27 3 0 256.51 8

i did what you said and im still getting 256 only.
what os you using and the command should look like this fps_max 0 you can also try fps_max 600 youll get 512fps like that
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im running windows 64bit
i put it at 700 and im still getting only 256
can anyone help me figure out this problem
need to be a lil more specific is it vista,xp,server,etc?
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okay now i fixed it i have it at max_fps 700 and im getting like 512.
its is

Mircosofot Windows Server 2003 R2
Standard x64 Edition
Service Pack 2

Intel Xeon X3220 @ 2.4 GHz
2.39 GHz, 8 GB RAM

I need it to go past 512 is there any modifications you can tell me that will boost it even further.
Try with "fps_max 0".

And Windows 2003 doesn't support 1000FPS.
i tried the 0 but still the same
is there any tweaks to get it passt 500 fps
maybe 700...

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