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when host multiple servers from one box do each need different port
Ok I have a box that has 2 nic's and 8 total ips internal and external. If I run 8 servers from there will each server need to be a different port or will they all run fine on 27015 ?

and if i need different ports what ports can the servers be asigned and still show in master list ?
You can run more then one server on one box using the same IP. Add -port 27015 to the startup line. Add -port 27025 for the second server. Each time 10 ports higher.
You can run 1 server on each IP with the same port.
Given the IPs are external.
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They do not need to be on different ports, just set the IP by using +ip in the HL1 games and -ip in the HL2 games
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when specifying the -ip command you MUST specify the -port as well or it will give you an error.
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I put my -ip command, and nothing for port, so it does it all by default. You can run as many servers as you have IP's for on port 27015.
Exactly what i was going to say Smile
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ya thanks for the info i have 6 servers running now soon tf2 and then garys mod but for now the garys mod is giving some 'failed to load dll' error lol
Be sure the Garry's Mod server is updated, and be sure to update it frequently.

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