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Installing plugins
I just started to rent a Team Fortress 2 server from Art of War Central and I need help installing plugins. I am using SourceMod/MetaMod and I've followed the directions for installing plugins but it just doesn't seem to work.

1. I download the plugin (.smx)
2. I place the .smx file in /orangebox/tf/addons/sourcemod/plugins as told in the directions
3. I add the command to the server.cfg (I think it's called a cvar)
3. I restart the server, so the plugin can take effect
4. Boo-hoo wah

Can anyone tell me what the heck I'm doing wrong?
in the server.cfg? why? i never have. i place mine in the sourcemod.cfg Smile works fine for me
sm plugins list in console and paste
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Ok, your going about it wrong.

There isn't a set way to do it. The only thing you will always need to do is upload the .smx file to the plugins folder. Otherwise, read the instructions with the plugin on how to install it. Assuming you are getting them from alliedmodders via the sourcemod website, there should be instructions.
try restarting your server not sure what the command is .... sv_restart ????
OrganDonor Wrote:try restarting your server not sure what the command is .... sv_restart ????

Even these commands:

Or close the server window.
think he has ftp access so it'd be easier to RCON the commands ;0)

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