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Connection failed after 4 retries.
Hey I made SRCDS and I've been having a problem. I got everything out of this video:
If there is anything wrong with this video please tell me.
Since it said If you have a router you have to Port Forward, I forwarded it..
Here is how it looks like:
[UDP] 1200
[UDP] 27000 to 27020
[TCP] 27030 to 27039
[TCP] 27015
Then I open up "Run SRCDS" and then CS:S and I try to get into my server but it said "Connecting..." then it said "Connection failed after 4 retries."
I am using Windows Vista and I have a Linksys Router.
Please Help!
try adding a dmz server ip this should be your srcds's server address and ensure respond to ping is enabled and enable nat filtering this is how i got mine working

+ check on your router if your using upnp it'll show up in the services list if its not in the list when your server is booted the port isnt being forwarded properly you'll eed to fiddle with the settings
Yeah you have to use DMz... I'm pretty sure...

And open up your computer ports too (the firewalled ones) if you haven't already.
Show a screen shot of the port forwarding

Change [UDP] 27000 to 27020 to both
Remove [TCP] 27015
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Mooga Wrote:Show a screen shot of the port forwarding

Change [UDP] 27000 to 27020 to both
Remove [TCP] 27015

I changed the Ports like you told me but it still doesn't work. Here is the picture.

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