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Probelm Verifying Steam UserID Ticket
Ok i have been having a number of problems with my dedicated server, most i have been able to fix but this one has me and a few others stumped.

basicly every time someone joins seconds later they are kicked from the server and it gives the error "Disconnected: error verifying steam userID ticket" what can i do to correct this problem?

let me know if you need anymore details

thanks for you help
Try update your server.

And you might have to re-install the base content.
realchamp Wrote:Try update your server.

And you might have to re-install the base content.

tried both.
what game?
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i thought that was a client issue not server issue
its a CSS server, it may be a client problem but i have followed all the steps steam gives to correct this including DLL files and history.
also i have no problem joining other servers and a lot of people are having problems joining mine
I got same problem Sad How to fix?
Restart the servers...
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or try changing sv_pure to 0

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