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Cfg for my server
Hello, in a little new too this,
I have a computer i would like to use as a Cs 1.6 server
here are the spec:

Cpu:3.0ghz P4
Memory1024 mb ram
Harddrive7200rpm harddrive
Os:windows xp pro
Upload: 10Mbps.

How many player can this server handle and how do i set up the best server.cfg for this server?

Thanks for the help
The hardware won't give you an issue, and your upload will do perfectly. You should be good to try for the full 32 slots. Smile
Here is my server.cfg.

However it's for Counter-Strike: Source.

You can use some of them, otherwise I will recommend you to Google a 1,6 config.
You can get over 32 slots for CS 1.6!
Hell, you can put a 24 slot TF2 server...

I'm moving this to general...
Technically it should be in the HL section but eh.
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