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Voice chat disabled and documentation.
Hey everybody,
Just got a srcds linux server setup. Two things. 1) Is there a way to disable the whole voice chatting on a server basis? Voice chat is crap and should be set afire. 2) Who should I talk to about improving documentation? I'm down to do some work on this, because it's definitely needed. I've got a few ideas to kick around, so someone email or message me.

Dustin Carter
documentation? what documentation? Big Grin

a good place to start would be to post tutorials in the tutorial forum here. if you want to collaborate on something more comprehensive i'd be willing to contribute.
knoid || Admin, gaming community - challenge maps - custom maps
Tutorials in forums, IMnsHO, suck. We might consider starting a wiki. I'm definitely down to work on something comprehensive if only to overcome my admin noobness. On a completely non-related front, how's

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