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Running a .cfg each round?
I just want to know if it is possible to run a .cfg file each round, automaticly and not something I need to do.

I'm running this server (not a 24/7 one) where I each round would like to increase the health of the terrorists (yeah, sounds weird). I'm doing this with the mani admin plugin, by typing in ma_givehealth #t 100 in a .cfg file, and when I as admin is on the server i run the command ma_rcon exec health.cfg
The .cfg file is executed and the terrorists gain the extra health, but next round they have normal health again.

So is it possible to make the server automaticly run a .cfg file each round? Smile
Or do you have anything suggestions to how I can do this in an other way?

Thanks in advance.
Do you have Eventscripts on your server? If so, I could create a script that executes that each round_start. Smile
Oh, okay Smile cool.
Thanks for the advice :]
If you have, here you go:
      ma_givehealth #t 100

I'm sure you know how to run this.

I'm also not sure about if you can create a round_start.cfg in cstrike/cfg.

Well I know you can, but I'm not sure it will be executed Smile

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