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Server lag
Hi All,

Just need some information here. Basically I’m running 2x 18 player servers on the dedi which is an AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3400+ with a gig of ram.

The server isn't lagging i.e. the CPU usage of 10/18 players is around 10 % and the other server say 6/18 players is 3% CPU.

People complain of lag like 300 pings but the server box isn't lagging itself. I've had an idea of putting it on a higher CPU priority. The high pings only last for a few seconds but the overall ping is quite high.

Is there anything i can do?

Thanks Guys
Where is your dedicated server hosted? Your server's ping will be more affected by the network rather than CPU.
Hi reclusivemonkey,

In redbus london, i've actually got another thread regarding this issue only saying about the high pings on the server but this one is the most recent.


Hi (ho) Silver,

I've read your other post. I am still not sure about your network. You say its on a fibre optic cable, but I am still not sure whether you are renting this server from somewhere, or whether its in your house on your home DSL line. If its on your home DSL line, then you will definitely get high pings if you have more than half a dozen or so players. If you are renting a server from somewhere, ask them what your upstream speed is.

[Edit]With the spec of your machine, you might be able to get away with a tick rate of 100.
Hi again,

Thanks for your reply, i'm renting the server and its in a london datacenter, so i'm going to ask them what upstream it is.

With regarding the 100 tick 66 is brilliant i tried 100 but it comes downto about 70 to 80 anyway.

I'm still confused abit why it does this high ping business.

I have same problem on 2 of my servers which are located on 2 ends of the country and have totally different links and OS's.

They both run at about 250fps for an extended period but sometimes drop down to 10fps randomly for a second or two and gets very frustrating.

The CPU is observed and there is plenty of power to spare, but it seems the server process enters some kind of sleep mode.

One of the servers is FreeBSD the other is mandrake, both are High end xeons.

Hope someone can help :<
UK pings do not fluctuate like they do in the US.

I have server racks in redbus so im fairly certain i know what type of bandwidth your host has ... and its damn good bandwidth leading me to believe there is a problem directly with the upstream port speed you have been allocated. i.e it isnt enough. If you signed a contract whereby you have a 1 or 2mb port it will begin to lag when more players join.

Ask your host your upload speed and ask if you are on 'infinity' bandwidth ... are you on a 195.62.10.* ip address? just so i know Wink Gaming Servers
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I'm preety sure that's not it since one of the boxes I'm talking about is on dedicated 100mbit and the other one is an ISP box with like a 100mbit link to a terrabyte backbone or something. Nothing else lags on the box - its just this damm source server :|

silver05: How many servers you running on the one PC?

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