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What Do These Server Messages Mean? and could someone give me a server.cfg
What Do These Mean?

I think my Server.Conf If B0rked can anyone send me a good one...

and i seem to get a bit of a packet loss on the servers at the
start of rounds and end of rounds... wtf is up?

Pleae help lol


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couldn't exec de_dust.cfg means you don't have a de_dust.cfg

no challenge/bad challenge is a result of the way querries are handled by srcds/hlds since they changed it. you can get rid of it by using sv_enableoldquerries 1 or just ignore it

the other one looks like it's looking for a sprite that you don't have.

a quick search of these forums should've returned a few server configs. you can also go to and it'll generate a server.cfg with your settings, then you copy and paste it into a text editor and nameit server.cfg
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