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bots no longer
ok, its was working good but one day i started my server and it wouldnt populate with bots when i joined. what the crap??

anyone have any ideas??
did you have the bot quota and all that jazz in the server.cfg file right? or did you make a bot.cfg, and did you set it up to exec that in the server.cfg file?? i would just check through them files pretty good first..
my bot entries are in my server.cfg and it was loading them fine. did one of the new updates change something, the files are still there and the same??
i don't think there has been an upate in the past couple weeks.... my stuff still works fine.. and i use bot_quota and everything..
did you edit the botprofile.db?
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no i have not.. i lookd at it once.. then decided not to sift through all of that.. if you did.. then thats more then likely the problem...
inc0gs Wrote:did you edit the botprofile.db?

wow, i just lookd at this again.. and realized you weren't the first person that posted this.. and you weren't talking to me... lol.. wow. must of done that one in the morning..
k, no idea about the botprofile thingy, but i did figure out that if i switch teams (restart the round) that the bots populate then, so a little twiggy but maybe ill try reloading everything into the server.
thats odd... hmm.. im lost

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