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Can't Join my own server?
I just loaded a dedicated CS:S DS on my Xeon 3.6 box here at home. I am able to launch the server and then once I run the steam client, I can see my server and try to join but get an error as shown below...I think others outside my LAN can joing too but here is the IP if anyone is nice enough to let me know other wise.

Server Info

- Intel Xeon 3.6
- 2x W.D. Raptors running Raid 0
- ATI X800 Pro
- Windows XP Pro SP1
- 2 GB of Corsair 3200 DDR RAM

[Image: steamticket.JPG]

It already has my user id but asks for a password and no matter how many times I use the right password, I can't join.

Can I not play from my dedicated server? The server I use to play is also running the srcds.exe. I added the IP to the favorites list and still can't joing but others can.

Internet----cable modem----Linksys WRT54G----Server/Desktop machine.
bump for any help?

I have changed the server ip to 27015 & 27016...same thing!!!???
See the following thread for the answer:-
Thanks so much! I was adding my WAN IP rather than my LAN IP as he mentioned in that thread.

It works and now I can play on my own server.

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