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Im in the process of designing and building a Server Manager written in PHP for servers with RCON.

Currently it is at very basic stages, it has a login page, a simple theme and it is able to authenticate with a server via RCON. (if you want to see the basic theme check out -

Im trying to draw up a possible feature list and am looking for suggestions. Does anybody have one?

Thank You
Sup darkblue

I guess all the rcon things like change map, restart , kick and ban and all that stuff. Have a live status of your server with the players in it.
yaw dawg,

I tried to develop something like that in Java but i failed due to not enough time, i'm currently on a php-based solution to control several servers in the same time ( usefull il Lan Partys ). It's based on Ruckman phprcon which is really cool and works perfectly :

I keep an eye on your project, keep on going it looks nice !

PS: Excuse my english, i'm french Smile

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