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Just came across a previous post by Realchamp.
"Don't use the Steam Dedicated Server Tool!!!"

Do you mean the subject tool and if so what alternative is there?
Is there a better one on this site?
Tks BA1214
Do you mean the tool in your Steam client?

[Image: dontusethis.jpg]
No. Just the striaght tool download from
Ohh, it's the right one. Smile

ba1214 Wrote:No. Just the striaght tool download from
Feel safe.

But the picture I posted is the "Source Dedicated Server Tool" - that you don't wanna use for several reasons!
Phew. I thought I had used the wrong one. Lucky for me. Thought it was responsible for some wierd problems we have.
A tip of the hat to you Superchamp and thanks for the reply.

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