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Map Download Issues
Hey guys,

Im having some issues with a server I run, we are trying to run a number of custom maps however we have problems with the downloads.

What happens is when a client connects to the server and they dont have the map they start downloading it from the HTTP server (sv_downloadurl) and they get about 25% of the way through it and the download says its complete then when they reconnect up supposedly having the map they get an error saying that the map version they have is different to that of the server or that the bsp is missing and doesnt try and download it.

So far the maps which dont work are all over 10Mb in size, we have a few custom ones which are between 4 - 9Mb and theres no problem with those they download just fine its only the bigger ones we have problems with. For instance cs_jungle, cs_harvest and de_crookcounty will all start to download and then fail saying that either a) the bsp's missing or b) that the maps dont match the servers.

I have checked that the maps match one the download server and on the http server and they are the exact same size.

Has anyone come across this problem before? And does anyone have a solution?

- Stew
Anybody know what this problem is?
Where is the map server hosted? It could be a limit on the file size there.
Its not a file size limit, the HTTP servers hosted by the same company we have the server with.
This may be of no help here. I just going to say what randomly comes to mind that might help since I am bored and want to help.
So here goes.
Is the server you use to download the maps off configured for HTTP download as steam suggest Here it will use a faster download rate rather than the "trickle" download mechanism. I am checking this because I know that sometimes when I download a big file when browsing the internet it annoyingly stops at some random point where I have to start again. This is becuase it slowed down so much that it just stopped.

Are you sure you have all the files that are needed for this map like .wav's .wad's or .map (as steam suggests) and the .bsp file is not corrupt.
Are you sure you have the correct directiorys set up on the webserver.

Maybe try running net graph 2 and it should give the speed at which the file is travelling.

Try download the file through an internet browser. If the download stops there as well maybe its the webservers fault not the game server.

Hope that helped some way and if not well it passed 5 min of my time but still bored so nothing lost.
The maps arent corrupt on the HTTP server, they also download just fine through my browser (just tested 4 of the 6 we have on there).

Do I need to have every single file thats in the maps, materials and sounds folder on the HTTP server?
stew Wrote:Do I need to have every single file thats in the maps, materials and sounds folder on the HTTP server?

you should, unless you don't think anyone will need to download it.

as to your problem, check your .res (<mapname>.res foumd in your maps directory) files and your download lists (<mapname.lst> found in your DownloadLists directory)

I once had a map that didn't download the .bsp file because it wasn't listed in the .res file (even though the .bsp files usually download automatically).
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Ah right okay Ill edit the .res files accordingly and let ya know how I get on

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