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Long mapchange time
I have a small problem. I have a root (Athlon 2000+ ; 512MB-Ram) with 4 servers (3 css, 1 cs .16) running on it. When one of the server runs about a day or two the mapchange takes about 1 or 2 minutes. during that time the server is timed out (only the one with mapchange). After a small restart of the css server the change takes about 1 sec. does anybody know why and what I could do?
just a guess, but maybe you are running out of resources (not enough ram, or your ram is bad) maybe you could post results of top when it happens
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are you renting ur server from aow?
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overdrive Wrote:are you renting ur server from aow?

afaik, AOW only deals with windows servers. They'll only do linux for you if you give them enough business.

But his issue sounds like a ram issue, or a CPU issue.
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yeah i agree with you cryotek, i have run into same issue with aow when the box where the server was hosted was overfilled
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