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CSS Jailbreak server (simpel question)
Ok i have a few css servers and now im thinking of adding another one for jailbreak, if you guys have ever played it, its kinda crazy and wacky. basically you have a team of police (5 to 8 people) and a team of inmates (the rest of the players) and the inmates have to do what ever the police say or they are killed. often times the inmates will rebel and crap like that.

So my question is this, how and where do i modify the server files to allow ONLY 6 people on the CT side and unlimited on the T side and how do i lock the teams so people cant just switch to CT for the hell of it. im using mani-admin as well so im not sure if i have to mod the server.cfg or mani.cfg file or both. also how do i include skins for jailbreak, i have never done skins before.

To any admin: If this post is in the wrong spot please move it to the appropriate area.

thank you all
Mani doesn't have an features like that.

I know is possible, by editing the map with Hammer Editor, you can set max players on each team.

It's not a standard feature.

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